Commonly Asked Questions 

What Conditions are your Containers in?

  We only sell CARGO WORTHY boxes, All of our containers are used however the floors are in great shape and are perfectly sound. We are Here check our Open hours and if you would like you can schedule a visit with us. Walk through our inventory to choose your own box,don't worry we will work around your schedule.

Are your Containers Coated to Prevent Rust?

Yes! Our standard containers come with the Original Finish, Making Them Cargo Worthy.

To what extent are they Water Tight?

They are 100% AGAIN our Containers are 100% Wind, Water Tight, Which also makes them Rodent Proof.

What Standard Colors do they Come in, If we do not want to paint?

It depends on which container you choose from our inventory also depends on what is made available by our suppliers. Standard Containers come in variety of colors including; Rustic Brown, Green, Red, Orange, Grey, and Blue. However we can customize your container to whichever color you choose, take a look at the Paint Colors we have to choose from. Click Here 

If we dont want to modify and add another door, what is the Ease of Access from the Containers end's? Are there Locking Mechanisms we can make use of?

Yes All Containers that we purchase already have standard Cam-Lock doors. They are able to be locked and closed tightly. The ease of access in them are suitable for equipment to be pulled in including four wheeler's, even antique cars. The cam-lock doors consist of actually 4 cam-locks two on each side. These are swing open doors which open right door then left door.

How should we raise the Container for weather protection before delivery?

We DO NOT RECOMMEND using cement blocks under your container, We recommend buying two 8'ft Pressure treated 6 X 6 Landscape ties, cut in half making a total of 4 pieces, You can obtain and have them cut at your local lumber yard.

What is the Recommended height to avoid flooding/Snow, Rodents?

We recommend 6 Inches above the ground as stated above with Pressure treated Landscape Ties.

Can we have you Equip our container with any type of Drainage system?

There would be no need for drainage as there is no water to be entering the Container. The 6 Inch Pressure treated landscape ties would be sufficient enough. If you are looking to modify your container with a Sink and or small bathroom please call us for a quote as we can modify your container any way you would like it.